North Korea is Trying to Start WWIII…and it Might Just Work

The Background

Tensions continued to escalate over the weekend between North Korea and just about everybody, after news spread that the rogue nation had conducted its most powerful nuclear test yet. The show of force (or stupidity, depending which way you look at it) proved that NoKo has no intention of calming down, even though they were slapped with serious economic sanctions by the UN Security Council early last month. New York Times

What Else You Need to Know

After South Korea let everyone know what North Korea was up to, the UN Security Council called an emergency session for the 10th time this year (and the second time in the past week). In yesterday’s session, Nikki R. Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, said that Kim Jong-un is “begging for war” but took a much calmer approach than POTUS (who tweeted on Sunday that the only thing North Korea will understand is military action). While everyone is clearly on edge — the Japanese ambassador said “the danger from North Korea had been raised to an unprecedented level and that they’re a grave threat to the peace and the security of the world” while the French ambassador called NoKo “a global threat” — China promises they won’t allow war on the Korean Peninsula.

What’s Next?

The U.S. reaffirmed their promise to defend South Korea against an attack from the North, and the UN Security Council is imposing more sanctions on the nation. There’s a chance that North Korea is planning another missile launch this week to celebrate the founding of the country’s government, so the world (and its militaries) are on high alert.