North Korea Is Making Some Major Threats Against the U.S.

The Background 

North Korea is stepping up its threat game, vowing to teach the U.S. a “severe lesson” if the Trump administration takes military action against it. The fiery comments came after the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved harsh economic sanctions against North Korea, targeting many of its chief exports like coal, iron, lead and seafood. The measures could cost the North Korean economy $1 billion annually—or one third of its export revenue. North Korea blasted the sanctions as “fabricated” and warned the international community of “thousands-fold revenge” for crossing the regime. NBC

Why You Should Care

We’ve established that we’re smack dab in the middle, should the U.S. and North Korea start bombing each other. We’ve also established that both leaders are probably insane which means bombs are a very real possibility. Our hopes and dreams are resting in the leadership and level-headedness of governments in countries like China and Russia (which doesn’t say much) — and then with the Air Force who would be responsible for shooting down any missiles in Canadian air space that were headed for the U.S. There’s also the possibility that some missiles launched from North Korea wouldn’t even make it to the U.S., meaning they could inadvertently hit Canada.

What’s Next?

Take cover? The world will wait with baited breath to see if China will actually enforce these sanctions. (Historically, the country hasn’t ever enforced any sanctions on the rogue nation.) If they don’t, then it’s on to plan B.