Is North Korea Forcing A Fragile President Into War?

The Background

Tensions escalated between America and North Korea over the weekend, beginning with North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile test on Friday. Yesterday, the U.S. retaliated, flying two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula. The bombers were escorted by South Korean fighter jets, as the B-1 bombers performed a low-pass over an air base in Seoul. The U.S. also conducted a successful test of their Alaskan missile defence system. Toronto Star

What Else You Need to Know

While a lot of this may seem like it’s in a faraway land, NoKo’s most recent missile (tested Friday night) has the capability to hit Toronto and Montreal. According to VP Mike Pence, the U.S. is rallying its allies in an effort to create a joint coalition (which includes Canada) against the rogue nation, saying the “United States of America is going to continue to marshal the support of nations across the region and across the world to further isolate North Korea economically and diplomatically.” While that all sounds somewhat civil, he also said that “the era of strategic patience is over.” Not sure exactly what that means but it doesn’t sound good.

What’s Next?

Hopefully with enough pressure from China and the U.S., North Korea will stop testing ICBMs, so everyone can chill the F out.