What You Need to Know About the Conservatives’ New Head Honcho

The Background 

In an epic upset, the Conservative Party of Canada elected Andrew Scheer as their new leader on Saturday night, beating out top contender Maxime Bernier. Globe and Mail

Why You Should Care

As the battle between Conservatives and Liberals rages on, there are two likely options for PM in 2019: Justin Trudeau or Andrew Scheer. Power has been passed back and forth between the two parties since 1867, and despite the NDP’s and Green Party’s best efforts, it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. With Scheer now heading up one of the most powerful political parties in Canada, it’s important to know what he stands for and how our country would change if he’s elected. He’s known as a far-right social conservative, who’s pro-life, and has voted against several civil rights bills, including bills that affect gay rights and transgender rights.

The Gist

Andrew Scheer is the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and will take on Justin Trudeau in the 2019 federal election. Considering only 4.1% of Canadians thought Scheer would make the best Conservative PM, the Party has a rough road ahead.