NAFTA’s Off the Chopping Block—For Now

The Background 

NAFTA’s been on POTUS’s chopping block since he first stepped foot on the campaign trail, calling it “a disaster for [the U.S.A.]”—but 45 is giving the “worst trade deal in the history of the world” another shot thanks to a call from our PM. On Wednesday, the White House said Trump was on the verge of signing an executive order that would’ve pulled the U.S. from the agreement, causing Canada and Mexico to freak the off out. But Trudeau called Trump and pulled on his heartstrings, telling him it would cause “pain for families” so POTUS agreed to talk it out. CBC

Why You Should Care

NAFTA’s been around for so long that many of us don’t remember what life was like before it arrived in ’94. Since its inception, it’s been a pillar of our economy, creating jobs from coast to coast. Trudeau explained how vital it is, saying there are “an awful lot of jobs, an awful lot of industries right now that have been developed under the NAFTA context.” If Trump successfully pulls out (is pulling out ever successful?), it would have major effects on finances and families across the entire continent.

The Gist

Our personable prime minister may have saved NAFTA (for now) with an educational phone call to the president.