NAFTA Talks Continue — But Things Aren’t Looking Good

The Background 

Fresh off his meeting with POTUS, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with reporters to talk NAFTA and what he, realistically, sees for its future. His main message? “We have to be ready for anything.” (That’s not comforting.) While our PM tried to maintain his positive outlook, also saying it’s “very possible to get a win, win, win,” the likelihood seems to be getting slimmer by the day. (Trump told reporters in an interview this week that the deal “will have to be terminated.”) Basically, Trump’s White House is totally unpredictable and our government knows it. (And according to Vanity Fair, so does everyone on Capitol Hill.) CBC

What Else You Need to Know

Despite the uncertainty surrounding NAFTA’s future, it’s not all bad news. In one of his predictably unpredictable rants, POTUS said he’d be open to a bi-lateral trade deal with Canada should they end up terminating the three-nation agreement. (Sorry, Mexico.) Even though the prez is clearly not on board, our PM managed to make a pretty good case to the House of Representatives committee that oversees trade negotiations. He proudly pointed out that we’re already the U.S.’s biggest customer (they sell more to us than “China, Japan and the U.K. — combined”) and that the deal we have in place is definitely mutually beneficial.

What’s Next?

Our dairy sector is still a matter of contention, and will be a hot topic as negotiations continue this week in Washington.