This Is How Multicultural Canada Really Is

The Background

Right on schedule, the Canadian government released more details from the 2016 census. This time, Ottawa focused on the background of our population — which really isn’t much of a surprise. The bottom line? We’re multicultural AF (and proud of it.).  According to the results, 21.9% of Canadians are immigrants, which is the highest percentage in the last 85 years. The Indigenous population also continues to grow at double the rate of the non-Indigenous population, reaching 1.7 million last year, which accounts for 5% of our population. CBC

What Else You Need to Know

Immigrants are coming to Canada from all over the world. More than 60% are coming from Asia (including the Middle East), with Africa close behind at 13.4%. When it comes to specific countries, the top three sources of new Canadians are the Philippines (15.6%), India (12.1%) and China (10.6%). Because of the civil war, Syria is now in the top 10, coming in at seventh, up from 50 in 2011. Fewer are settling in hot spots like Ontario, and attention has shifted to provinces like Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

What’s Next?

The findings have allowed Stats Canada to make some bold predictions, including that by 2036, 30% of our population will be represented by immigrants.
(Take that, Trump.)