Why Robert Mueller’s Appointment As Special Prosecutor Is a Game-Changer

The Background 

In case you hadn’t heard, Donald Trump has caused a sh*t storm in Washington over the past few days (past few months?) by interjecting himself into the FBI’s investigation into the government’s ties to Russia. (Sorry, should we have said “allegedly”?) But what was a lot of he said/he said, took a pretty serious turn yesterday when the Justice Department appointed former FBI director, Robert Mueller, to oversee the investigation. While Deputy Attorney Gen. Rod Rosenstein made it very clear that the appointment didn’t mean “that crimes have been committed or that prosecution is warranted,” it certainly means that the U.S. is taking the allegations seriously and is just as determined to get to the root (and truth) of the issue as the rest of the world. Global News

Why You Should Care

We’ve been talking about this investigation and possible election interference for months, and now we may just get to the bottom of it. Having a special prosecutor like Mueller lead the investigation means that it’s totally removed from the White House and (hopefully) out of POTUS’s reach (and influence). And considering Trump is about to appoint a new FBI director, it’s more important than ever that the Justice Department has an impartial judge they can rely on.

The Gist

After immense pressure from Democrats, the Justice Department has appointed former FBI director, Robert Mueller, as a special prosecutor to take over the Russia investigation.