Mike Duffy Is Suing the Senate and the RCMP For A Lot of Dough

The Background 

As they say, don’t get mad, get even — and that’s exactly what Mike Duffy is doing. Citing “stress and serious financial damage,” the embattled P.E.I. senator is suing the Senate and the Attorney General of Canada for close to $8 million in general damages. Duffy says both the upper chamber and the RCMP acted improperly throughout the 2013 investigation into his questionable expense claims. While he was ultimately acquitted of all 31 charges, Duffy’s lawyer says his client continues to suffer emotional and physical side effects stemming from “continued and prolonged reputational damage.” Duffy, a former Conservative, now sits as part of the Independent Senators Group. CBC

What Else You Need to Know

It might seem ridiculous, but if what Duffy says is true, he might have a pretty good case. He claims that the situation exacerbated or caused quite a few health conditions, including severe anxiety and depression, aggravation of a heart condition, complications with his diabetes, insomnia and nightmares. He also claims that the scandal caused him to lose an exorbitant amount of income, pointing to a lucrative public speaking career that is now non-existent and two years of salary and benefits (housing allowance, pension accrual etc.) that were withheld during the investigation and never repaid.

What’s Next?

The Senate is expected to file a statement of defence shortly.