Marking Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

The Background 

Donald Trump marked his first 100 days as POTUS on Saturday, and though he managed to avoid a government shutdown (for now), he did a lot of other questionable stuff. He held a rally in Pennsylvania, where he continued his tirade against “fake news” and the American government; he shared his thoughts on the future of American health care in an interview with CBS, which according to experts, doesn’t line up at all with what the Republicans are proposing in their new health care bill; and he accused China of meddling in the presidential election, even though intelligence officials have consistently said it was Moscow’s doing. On the other hand, the American public marked POTUS’s milestone with coast-to-coast Climate Marches, protesting his environmental policies.

Why You Should Care

It’s almost easier to ignore Trump’s politics from our Northern White Tower, but at the end of the day, his decisions will affect our health and well-being. If he continues to provoke dangerous nations (like North Korea, and now China) and ignore warnings about climate change, there’s no doubt we’re going to get roped into dealing with the repercussions (which won’t be good for anybody).

The Gist

Trump marked the first 100 days of his presidency over the weekend by holding a rally, giving an incredibly uninformed interview and taking another jab at another country.