It Looks Like Robert Mueller Is Going After Trump’s Campaign

The Background 

It looks like special counsel Robert Mueller has Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in his crosshairs, as reports surfaced yesterday that the FBI had raided Trump’s former campaign manager’s home in July. No word on what exactly the Bureau was hoping to find, but a source who’s familiar with Mueller’s work says he was most likely looking for evidence of “financial crimes” (which apparently is often the first stage of his investigations). The agents who conducted the search apparently seized documents and “other material” just one day after Manafort met with the Senate Intelligence Committee. Reuters

Why You Should Care

While the search itself doesn’t say a whole lot, the fact that a judge granted the FBI’s request for a search warrant definitely does. It means Mueller has enough evidence against Manafort (or Trump’s campaign as a whole) that a judge felt it was just to approve a raid. As former federal prosecutor, Alex Little, explains, in order to get a search warrant, “there is probable cause to believe he has committed a crime or there is evidence of a crime at his home.”

What’s Next? 

Now that Mueller has impanelled a grand jury (actually there’s now two: one in Washington and one in Virginia), they’ll both be looking for probable cause to charge someone (maybe even POTUS himself) with a crime.