What You Should Know About Sessions’ Senate Session

The Background 

They’re the hearings that are being heard ’round the world, and today, it was Attorney General Jefferson Sessions to sit in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and plead his case. If nothing else, the AG was passionate (some may say combative) and strongly denied that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. (He called it an “appalling and detestable lie.”) The Senators also grilled Sessions about his role in Comey’s firing and whether the former FBI director had actually complained to the attorney general about the president after one of their meetings. (He did.)  CNBC

Why You Should Care

If it wasn’t obvious by now, there’s a lot riding on these hearings. Not only is Mueller conducting his Russia investigation in the background, but this Committee will decide how things proceed. The one takeaway that everyone seemed to agree on is that Sessions managed to dodge many of the most important questions the Senate Intelligence Committee asked him, saying he couldn’t disclose “confidential communication” between him and POTUS

What’s Next?

If things go as planned, Mueller will continue his investigation without any interference from the White House, and the Committee will continue hearing testimonies and gathering evidence. At some point, they’ll both make a decision about the future of this administration — in the meantime, keep your popcorn cupboard stocked.