Jeff Sessions Just Faced Off With the Senate Judiciary Committee

The Background 

It was Jeff Sessions’ turn in the hot seat yesterday, as the attorney general faced off with the Senate judiciary committee, answering tough questions about Russia and his time on the presidential campaign trail. The former Senator of Alabama once again denied any wrongdoing, saying he’s not “part of a façade” and that there wasn’t any “improper contact” between the Trump camp and the Russian government during the campaign. CNN

What Else You Need to Know

The hearing went on for a long five hours, and addressed everything from Russian election meddling to criminal justice reform to immigration. (Clearly a sore subject for the White House these days.) The most intense period of questioning came when Sessions refused to answer inquiries about his private conversations with POTUS, citing executive privilege. The committee was having none of it, telling Sessions both he and Trump have misunderstood the term’s meaning, pressing him to answer questions about Comey, Mueller and his conversations with the President. In the end, Sessions was able to skirt the issues, saying it wasn’t a “little matter” and shouldn’t be done so “casually.”

What’s Next?

More hearings…as the investigation continues.