Inside The Harvey Horror Picture Show

The Background

Just days after the New York Times ran an exposé alleging decades of sexual harassment at the hands of one of Hollywood’s most successful men, the New Yorker doubled down with even more harrowing tales of Harvey Weinstein. It took writer Ronan Farrow 10 months to collect the information, and this time, the report included three instances of rape. While Weinstein has denied the allegations made by 13 women (and counting), it looks like Hollywood, and other friends of the producer, are finally reacting, after decades of turning a blind eye. Weinstein was fired from his own company, and members of the Democratic party, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, have been refunding donations made by Weinstein (totalling more than $1 million) or donating the funds to charities. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. CBC

What Else You Need to Know

In an act of solidarity with the women who’ve come forward, big stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have shared their own accounts of unwanted advances at the hands of Harvey. Paltrow shared that Brad Pitt even threatened the movie exec after she confided in him about what had happened. Jolie also opened up with a similar experience from the ’90s, and stated she never worked with Weinstein again following the incident, and warned women of his sexual advances. She told the New York Times, “This behaviour towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.” Another person who thinks his behaviour is unacceptable? His wife, Georgina Chapman, who announced yesterday that she’s leaving Weinsteinafter 10 years of marriage.

What’s Next?

According to reports, Weinstein left for Europe last night where he’ll attend sex addiction rehab.

(“Don’t understand the Conservative glee over the #weinsteinscandal. He’s been exposed and fired. Instead of, you know, elected president.” – @Josh_Moon)