Homeland Security Explained Russia’s Meddling to Congress

The Background 

The investigation into how Russia messed with the 2016 U.S. presidential election took an interesting turn yesterday when an official from Homeland Security told Congress that Russia specifically targeted 21 election systems in an effort to push DT into the White House. Though there’s still no evidence that any votes were manipulated, the department has confirmed that the Kremlin orchestrated a wide-ranging operation in an effort to influence the outcome of the election. According to Jeanette Manfra, the department’s acting deputy undersecretary of cyber security, Russia hacked emails and spread online propaganda that directly discredited Hillary Clinton. Reuters

Why You Should Care

Every step in this saga is important when it comes to the end result. While it’s not much of a surprise that Russia meddled (Come on…we knew that part was true), hearing the specifics is more than a little unnerving. It’s also important that the U.S. (and every democracy around the world) knows how they did it, so we can all protect ourselves.

What’s Next?

While we can’t say for certain, we’re hoping (and praying) that the U.S. gets their act together to make sure that Russia (or any country, for that matter) can’t interfere in the democratic process ever again.