This Hasn’t Happened in Nova Scotia Politics in 30 Years

The Background 

Last night, Nova Scotia re-elected a majority Liberal government, keeping Premier Stephen McNeil in power. The Liberals barely inched by to score a 27-seat majority (a party needs 26 seats for majority), while the Conservatives ended up with 17 seats, and the NDP with seven. Things haven’t changed all that much since 2013 for the NDP, but the Tories gained six seats and the Liberals lost six since the last election. (Ouch.)  CBC

Why You Should Care

It was a nail-biter, with most major media outlets waiting until close to 2am AT to call a Liberal majority. With the Liberals back in power, it’s the first time since 1988 that Nova Scotia has re-elected a majority government. The good news for the province is that it’s guaranteed to be a seamless transition as McNeil continues to push through his budget and the plans he’s been campaigning on for the past 30 days (not to mention, the past four years). Post-victory, the Liberals assured their critics (and there are many) that they’ve heard their concerns about health care and plan to work closely with the opposition to improve their plan.