The G20 Is Happening Today and Things Are About to Kick Off

The Background

The G20 Summit is taking place in Germany today, and with polarizing leaders set to attend (can you say Trump and Putin?), tens of thousands of protestors took to the streets to voice their concerns. Calling the area “G20: Welcome to Hell,” they torched a Porsche dealership and threw firecrackers and bottles at police; police retaliated with tear gas and water cannons. But despite all the chaos, one leader was welcomed to the country with open arms: Justin Trudeau. He introduced Coldplay at the Global Citizen Festival and took the opportunity to talk about feminism and the need to “eradicate global diseases like polio.” (Now he’s just trying to make everyone else look bad.) CBC

What to Expect Today

All eyes will be on Trump and Putin’s sit-down meeting. It’s the first time the two have sat down face to face (their Facetimes don’t count) since Trump won the White House in November and subsequently took office in January. While everyone’s hoping that the two will discuss Russia’s meddling in the presidential election, it doesn’t sound like that topic’s on POTUS’s agenda. In fact, it sounds like POTUS doesn’t have an agenda at all. There’s no doubt that today (between the protests, the big meetings and the smaller one-on-ones) will get interesting.