In All Honesty

We here at The Bullet are all about busting fake (and purposefully confusing) news. We don’t like it and won’t fall for it. So today, we’re setting the record straight on a topic that’s near and dear to our shopping hearts: loyalty programs. Misconceptions often exist about popular rewards programs, which can make choosing the one to sign up for confusing. But no more: Today we’re opening the kimono on RBC Rewards® by tackling common questions consumers have about the plan.

False: RBC Rewards is only good if you travel.
RBC Rewards clients can put the points they rack up toward dozens (thousands?) of really cool products at hundreds of awesome stores. One example is Best Buy: earnings can go towards buying almost anything from the tech giant — that’s more than 50,000 items. Apple (hello, Apple Watch, we’re looking at you), Hudson’s Bay Company, Saks Fifth Avenue, Roots, Banana Republic, and (to name a few) can also be on your plan-to-peruse list.

False: You earn the same amount of points with every RBC credit card.
RBC offers several credit cards that will help you earn reward points – but different cards offer different (and sometimes greater) points potential. For example, if you sign up for the RBC Visa Infinite Avion card, you’ll automatically receive 15,000 points to put toward whatever you want. Click here to get more info on each card’s deets.

False: It’s hard to redeem your points.
While some loyalty programs make you hop onto a non-mobile website to shop for and purchase rewards, that’s not the case with RBC. The company recently launched a mobile app that helps customers track their points while they’re on the go (life isn’t always just TV and ice cream binges). And like your best shopping pal, the app is awesome at finding you deals at your favourite stores while also helping you save on those lust-worthy you-think-you-can’t-afford-but-you-can-because-of-points objects.

False: There are limitations to using your points for travel.
This is one of the biggest (and best!) ways RBC stands out from its rewards competition. Certain airline loyalty programs only reserve a small number of seats for reward travellers, but that’s not the case with RBC. If a plane seat is available online, it’s available to be booked using your points

True: Points don’t have an expiration date.
Another reason RBC Rewards appeals to so many is because the points you earn don’t expire. That’s right: spend them this year or spend them in 20 years. RBC lets you do either.

To find a rewards card that’s right for you, click here – and visit the RBC Rewards site to learn more about the program.

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