An Appropriate Way to Shop Rewards 


We’ve always been pretty discerning when it comes to what we put on our phones. We don’t download an app just because (minimalism is in, after all). It has to serve a purpose and offer us a function that’ll make our lives better. And lately, we’re loving the RBC Rewards® app.

The app is tied to the company’s long-standing rewards program (one of Canada’s most popular). It gives clients who use a RBC Rewards credit card an opportunity to use points in any way they want; they can travel the world, indulge in luxurious hotel stays, treat themselves to the latest “it” gadgets, and even buy the perfect present for their BFF.

Unlike other rewards plans, RBC’s gives us something we constantly crave: access. It’s important for savvy shoppers (like, ahem, us) to be easily able to track and use points. We (and we assume most of you) don’t want to muck around with a non-mobile website to get a free tee or find our account info. We want access to our options STAT. Well there’s an app for that.

“Mobile has played a pivotal role in shifting consumer behavior to be always on and always connected with instant access to information. We recognize this and felt it was important to provide our RBC Rewards members with the ability to engage with our program on the go — anytime, anywhere,” Jacquelina Calisto, RBC’s VP of Loyalty and Rewards, recently told Mediaplanet.

“The Rewards App provides our clients with the flexibility and convenience to explore, shop, and redeem their points when they want and for rewards that align with their personal preferences.”

So how does the whole app thing work? Luckily, even the least tech-savvy in our lives have been able to figure it out (hey, mom!).

By signing into the RBC Rewards app, you can not only see how many points you have, but also where you frequently earn them (giving you a chance to maximize your spending opportunities). From there you can shop several of the program’s retail rewards from within the app itself. With just a few simple clicks, you can redeem items or see what you’re eligible for. You can also favourite things within various product catalogues and pick items to work towards earning (it’s all about goals, friends). Booking travel choices like airfare or hotels is equally as simple.

Perhaps the best part is the app generates information on how to earn more points by purchasing items at specific places, like Saks Fifth Avenue, Indigo, The Keg, Thrifty Car Rental, and Carlson Wagonlit Travel (among others). It will also give you opps to save at some of RBC’s top-notch partnered-up shops.

So basically, it’s the ultimate mobile shopping experience without the hefty price tag at the end.

Want to learn more? Visit the RBC Rewards site to learn more about the program.  If you’re already part of the rewards program, download the RBC Rewards app on Android or iOS to see all the ways you can redeem points and earn even more points.

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