Flights to the U.S. Just Got a Heck of a Lot Bumpier (Or, At Least Security Did)

The Background

Pack your patience if you’re travelling south of the border in the next while. As of yesterday, all U.S.-bound passengers are subject to enhanced security measures, which includes extra screening for some personal devices (think: laptops and tablets) and expanded pre-clearance checks. The updates, which will impact roughly 325,000 people daily, are intended as a proactive step in combating potential terrorist threats aboard international flights. 680 News

Why You Should Care

One big reason: your time. The new “heightened screening” measures will mean much longer security line-ups and a more thorough screening as you go through. While there isn’t a lot that’s technically changing, the changes will slow down the process, as passengers can now be randomly selected for a device check which involves removing protective casing (we all know how long that can take) and waiting for the device to turn on. Bad news for finicky devices (PCs, we’re looking at you) —if your device won’t turn on, it won’t be allowed past security.