Confederate Statues All Over North America Are Being Torn Down

The Background 

It may be long overdue, but Saturday’s violent rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia have had one positive effect: Confederate statues and memorials are being torn down all across North America. Even in our very own backyard, the Hudson’s Bay Co. quietly removed a plaque in Montreal late Tuesday night that honoured Confederate president Jefferson Davis. In the U.S., the effects were more widespread: the entire city of Baltimore was washed of Confederate history, as the mayor ordered four statues removed overnight Tuesday because it was “in the best interest of my city.” Hollywood, California also followed suit, removing a confederate monument at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has also asked that all Confederate statues and monuments in his state be removed, after vigilantes took one down in Durham County.

Why You Should Care

Even when¬†President Trump doesn’t do the right thing, this proves that city officials all over the the U.S. (and Canada) are ready and willing to stand up against radicalism and hate. Removing the Confederate statues and monuments, which these hate groups see as a symbol of their values and ideals, shows that the majority of the country (and the world) is against them. It’s a message they need to hear loudly and clearly after Trump’s (insane) press conference on Tuesday.

What’s Next?

If these monuments continue to peacefully fall, these hate groups will have nothing to “lawfully” protest. Side note: if you haven’t watched Vice’s documentary from the front line in Charlottesville, you should.