A Canadian Conservative Leadership Candidate Calls It Quits

The Background 

There’s now one less shark in the political tank. Billionaire businessman and reality TV star Kevin O’Leary announced Wednesday he’s dropping out of the Tory leadership race, citing a lack of support in his home province of Quebec. Instead, O’Leary said he’s backing former rival Maxime Bernier and will work alongside him to grow Canada’s economy and “drive” Justin Trudeau from power in 2019. With O’Leary gone, there are now 13 candidates left in the running. National Post

Why You Should Care

Besides the fact that he could have been our next PM, O’Leary promised to bring some Trump-style policies north of the border. He said he would fix the Canadian economy, reduce provincial and corporate taxes, and suggested we follow Switzerland’s policy of holding referendums. Now that he’s out of the race, those promises seem pretty dead, too.

The Gist

Kevin O’Leary (a.k.a.¬†Canada’s Donald Trump) dropped out of the Conservative leadership race.