The Canadian Census Results Are In…

The Background

The country finally put together the results of the 2016 census and let’s just say they’re not surprising. The major takeaways are that more Canadians are opting to live alone and that more young people between the ages of 20 and 34 are living with at least one parent (with housing prices who can blame them?). Canadians are also speaking more languages than ever before, with almost 50% of the country speaking English or French and at least one other non-official language at home. Common-law marriages also saw a huge spike, rising from just 6.3% of marriages in 1981 to more than 20% in 2016. Globe and Mail

What Else You Need to Know

The good news is Canadians are opting to live alone, so that means our general levels of satisfaction and happiness are staying the same. According to Barbara Mitchell, a professor of sociology and gerontology at Simon Fraser University, the uptick can be attributed to changing gender roles and greater individualism—especially when it comes to women (insert fist bump emoji here). Mitchell says more women than ever have the economic means to live alone, and thanks to social media, those who live alone can easily stay connected to family and friends.
(Because what bonds you more than knowing how your friend makes avocado toast.)