Canada’s Spending Big on Transit and Trade

The Background 

Yesterday, Canada’s Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced that the federal government would be investing $2.1 billion into improving Canada’s trade and transport infrastructure, including trade routes between the U.S. and Canada. These particular routes have become run down and clogged, and as Garneau explained, “are in dire need of expansion.” The government is also setting aside $100 million to help manage new regulations for recreational drones and self-driving cars, along with data collection to help monitor goods as they’re moved around the country and across borders. CBC

Why You Should Care

While some of the improvements’ costs will be shared with our southern neighbours, Garneau said there are certain instances where we’ll have to foot the bill alone. Arguing that it’s important that we spend in order to stay competitive, Ottawa feels that this investment will keep people employed across Canada in industries that require cross-border collaboration.

What’s Next?

Proponents have until September 5 to submit proposals for funding, with the bulk of the $2-billion fund to be doled out in 2018.