British Parliament Just Decided Brexit is Definitely a Go

The Background 

The final nail was hammered into the Brexit coffin yesterday when British MPs voted in favour of repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, 326–290. The Act, which brought the U.K. into the European Economic Community (a.k.a. the EU before it was the EU), has been on the chopping block since Britons voted in favour of withdrawing in June 2016. The Parliamentary debate was intense, with one side arguing that the bill would “strip Parliament of its sovereign power,” while supporters said it would actually make the government more accountable. In the end, the people reigned supreme, as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged Parliament not to “frustrate the process” since the public wanted them to “get this thing done.” BBC

What Else You Need to Know

While they might be splitting up, it looks like the U.K. and the EU are going to stay friends. According to the Financial Times, the two are going to continue to work together on foreign policy, in an effort to maintain a “deep security partnership.” Up until now, experts weren’t sure how amicable this breakup was going to be, which raised concerns about the fight against terrorism, economic security and cyber crime. The new report (which will apparently be released sometime today) suggests the U.K. is trying to avoid a radical split, which is good news for all.

What’s Next?

While this certainly means Brexit’s a go, there are still months of detailed negotiations ahead with Conservative MPs attempting to make changes to the repeal bill.