B.C. Provincial Election: What You Need to Know

The Background 

Residents of British Columbia hit the polls yesterday to elect a new provincial governing party, and the race was tight all night long. Both the Liberals and NDP were sure they’d take the cake (both were seen celebrating at various points throughout the night), but in the end, the province ended up with their first minority government in 65 years. While there are still votes to be counted, it looks like the Green Party will hold the balance of power with three seats, as the Liberal and NDP parties both hover around the 42-seat mark. The NDP won one riding by just nine votes meaning a recount could push the Liberals to a majority. There’s still a lot up in the air, so the province (and country) will just have to wait and see. Globe and Mail

Why You Should Care

Besides the fact that it’s the first time British Columbia has elected a minority government since 1952, last night’s election shows just how divided parts of our country are. (And here we thought the U.S. had all the problems.) Not only is the province divided in what they want for the future, but only 57% of the population voted, which is obviously a major problem. Let’s hope that the minority government can find a way to work together on issues that matter to British Columbians, like their economic and environmental policies, to help move the province forward.

The Gist

British Columbia elected its first minority government in 65 years, but possible recounts could change the outcome.