B.C. Elected a Minority Government for the First Time Since 1952

The Background

It’s been two weeks since the B.C. election, and after counting votes and recounting votes, it appears the results are the same. The Liberals were hoping for a reversal in the riding of Courtenay-Comox (which they lost by just nine votes on first count) but when all was said and done, they actually lost by 189. That means the final seat count is the same as it was on May 10: 43 for Liberals, 41 for NDP and three for the Green Party. With 43 seats, the Liberals have fallen just one seat short of a majority government. Liberal leader Christy Clark will have an opportunity to form government, but it will require some serious negotiations with the NDP and Green Party to do so. CBC

Why You Should Care

This is the first time B.C.’s had a minority government since 1952, and only the third time it’s happened in the province’s history.