Ottawa Has a Plan for Asylum-Seekers — And This is It

The Background 

Given POTUS’s position on immigration, you know “asylum-seekers” have become one of the hottest political topics this side of the border (and the other side, but for different reasons). Ever since DT took over the White House, there’s been an even higher influx of migrants who are looking for asylum in Canada — and with rising racial tensions in the U.S., who can blame them? Yesterday, PM Trudeau addressed the issue in a news conference, saying his government has a “firm grip” on it and that “additional staff and expedited processing are yielding positive results.” CBC

What Else You Need to Know

The PM’s comments came right after he met with an intergovernmental task force on irregular migration. He reassured Canadians that migrants are going through a “rigorous” vetting process and that the government is not taking any shortcuts. While he didn’t address anyone by name, many think Trudeau was responding to comments made by his critics, including Conservative Michelle Rempel, who yesterday morning accused Trudeau of creating a migrant “crisis” in Canada and said that the prime minister has no plan or idea how to fix it. Diving into details, Rempel also said that it’s because of Trudeau’s viral “Welcome to Canada” tweet (which he sent after Trump’s initial travel ban), that Canada now has more refugees seeking asylum than the country can handle.

What’s Next?

The PM said that the influx of migrants will not affect how we approach immigration in Canada. He assured Canadians that our country will continue to be open and welcoming to refugees from all over the world.