Terrorists Just Attacked One of the Most Popular Tourist Spots in Spain

The Background 

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe became the scene of a horrific terrorist attack yesterday, when a van rammed into a crowd of pedestrians in Las Ramblas district in Barcelona, Spain. At least 13 were killed, including at least one Canadian, and another 100 injured as the vehicle sped through the area, swerving from side to side in an attempt to injure as many people as possible. Then early Friday morning local time, five suspects were killed in a shootout with police in Cambrils, southwest of Barcelona. It’s unclear whether these men were responsible for the Las Ramblas incident, but officials did say that they had foiled a second planned attack in the area. It still hasn’t been confirmed if the two events are related to an explosion that killed one person in the town of Alcanar on Wednesday, but police said that is their working theory. CBC

What Else You Need to Know

Police have three men in custody, though they don’t believe they were driving the van — one is a Spanish national from Melilla, another is from Morocco. Police announced the third arrest Friday morning with few details, only saying the arrest occurred in Ripoll, north of Barcelona. According to reports, a man named Maghrebi Driss Oukabir rented the van, but officials have not confirmed whether or not he is one of the men arrested. They’ve also stayed mum on whether there’s a connection between yesterday’s attack at Las Ramblas and another attack that occurred earlier in the day, when a car drove into two policemen at a checkpoint. ISIS have claimed responsibility.

What’s Next?

Reports suggest there may have been a getaway van used after the attack, so police are still investigating and searching for suspects (which could very well be the men killed in Cambrils). We’ll have to wait for an official news conference to find out.